Stressed Out

I just barely made the cut for the $1600 I owe for the double deposit/first month’s rent on my studio, hence the title of stressed out. But I have been doing well with eating raw. I have been drinking juice from Naked and Bolthouse Farms in the morning for breakfast. They are ‘gently pasteurized,’ as it says on the bottle, so I’m pretty sure they aren’t raw but the sugars from the fruits in the juice give me my kick start and it makes a quick breakfast. For snacks/meals, I’ve been surviving on Larabars and other raw bars. Bad, I know. =p

I did, however, have a moment of excellence… twice. There is a local organic grocery store/cafe/restaurant 15 minutes away from my parent’s house. They sell onion bread, which I’m pretty sure is THE onion bread (recipe found here), and I bought some. OMG, delicioussssss! I made myself some chipotle mayo from some cashews I had and came up with a recipe that is reminiscent of bruschetta, but doesn’t have basil.

Veggie Bruschetta

I placed the cashew mayo on first, then spinach leaves, tomato, and orange bell pepper. I’m a sandwich-lover and it was an awesome texture/taste combination of bread, creamy, crunchy, and fresh. It was so delicious. And it took five minutes to chop up the veggies and throw them all into plastic baggies the morning of. I took it to work and ate it on my lunch and it filled me up. =)

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