Chipotle Is One of My Food Groups

I’m quoting one of my friends here for the title. Chipotle was once upon a time a 5-9 times a week venture. It was within walking distance from my dorm. If you’ve ever been to Chipotle, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The food there is divine. I ate meatatarian there and now I eat vegan there. Rice, black beans, double veggies, tomato salsa, tomatillo salsa, and GUACAMOLE, thaswassup.

But it’s an expensive habit, and an unhealthy one. They add tons of salt to everything, rice is basically empty calories, and the portion sizes are huge. So I got inspiration from another blogger [it was a while ago, I’m sorry I cannot remember who you are! =( ] and created my own imitation Chipotle bowl at home, (mostly) raw vegan style.

I started out by throwing salt-free black beans in a pot with paprika, curry powder, fennel seeds, onion, garlic, and chipotle chili powder.

Then I chopped some bell pepper, avocado, and tomato, in that order.

And while the beans were simmering, I threw the leftover avocado on my face! It does wonders for my acne.

This is what my bowl looked like pre-mixing… there’s only 3 spoonfuls of beans in the bowl so this is a mostly raw dish:

And I like to super mix my guacamole into everything. The guac should pervade the entire bowl 😉

Exam tomorrow, so until next time chickadees!

Do you guys like Chipotle? If so, what’s your favorite bowl/burrito combination?



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3 responses to “Chipotle Is One of My Food Groups

  1. I love Chipotle!! Their cilantro lime rice is amazing!!

  2. I do love the burrito bowl…a lot. But I haven’t been to Chipotle in so long since I started making them at home. I’m in total agreement about the guac having to pervade the whole bowl!

  3. Bah, I have a Chipotle 3 blocks from my apartment! I can walk there in 5 minutes so it’s a definite internal argument about whether or not I should go, EvErY time haha.

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