More About Me

If you read the giant side bar title, you know my name is Allie. I am a 19-year-old student at the University of Florida. I’m majoring in psych and have plans to go to law school and hopefully, into child advocacy. I work 25-30 hours a week and go to school full time so my schedule can get kind of hectic.

Why the blog?

Yea, I know, everyone has a blog these days. From what I’ve seen there are very few raw vegan blogs that cater to college students. There are lots for busy lifestyles, but none of the working student kind. I figured I could make that. I also do what I say I’m going to do when I feel I am being held socially accountable. I figured if I post what I eat and I get people to read, it will create a positive cyclic movement in my diet.

My Philosophy

… Is to enjoy life as much as possible.

I am vegan for ethical and health reasons. Omitting meat, dairy, etc. has eliminated most of the environmentally harmful, inhumane, disease-causing factors from my diet. I try to be as raw as possible because including raw foods puts tons of life-giving vitamins, nutrients, and minerals into my body. Raw makes sense.

I am not one of those crazed, strict dieters who doesn’t eat something because it has Vitamin D3 listed and not Vitamin D2 (D3 is animal-derived and D2 is not). I just try to eat as many whole foods as possible, and make  my cooked food from scratch. I want to enjoy life, and the taste of my food is pretty much number one priority, after the health factor comes in.

Personal Stuff

Some things I enjoy:

  • yoga
  • food (duh!)
  • introspection
  • movies
  • getting lost in a good book
  • the rain
  • dancing
  • writing poetry
  • non-book learning
  • being spontaneous
  • things and people that defy stereotype/categorization
  • great conversation
  • getting to know interesting people
  • being surprised (my dad gave me the wonderful gift *sarcasm* of being hard to be surprised)
  • tea&coffee
  • singing my heart out (when the music is so loud neither I nor anybody else can hear my voice)
  • candles and lotions and other good-smelling things
  • eastern philosophies, particularly daoism and confucianism
  • travelling
  • seizing life

Skydiving in my first semester at UF

Me in Colombia working with a nonprofit, in a sort of big brother/big sister program, that helps severely impoverished kids by inspiring them to live a drug and crime free life and pursue their dreams