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Chipotle Is One of My Food Groups

I’m quoting one of my friends here for the title. Chipotle was once upon a time a 5-9 times a week venture. It was within walking distance from my dorm. If you’ve ever been to Chipotle, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The food there is divine. I ate meatatarian there and now I eat vegan there. Rice, black beans, double veggies, tomato salsa, tomatillo salsa, and GUACAMOLE, thaswassup.

But it’s an expensive habit, and an unhealthy one. They add tons of salt to everything, rice is basically empty calories, and the portion sizes are huge. So I got inspiration from another blogger [it was a while ago, I’m sorry I cannot remember who you are! =( ] and created my own imitation Chipotle bowl at home, (mostly) raw vegan style.

I started out by throwing salt-free black beans in a pot with paprika, curry powder, fennel seeds, onion, garlic, and chipotle chili powder.

Then I chopped some bell pepper, avocado, and tomato, in that order.

And while the beans were simmering, I threw the leftover avocado on my face! It does wonders for my acne.

This is what my bowl looked like pre-mixing… there’s only 3 spoonfuls of beans in the bowl so this is a mostly raw dish:

And I like to super mix my guacamole into everything. The guac should pervade the entire bowl 😉

Exam tomorrow, so until next time chickadees!

Do you guys like Chipotle? If so, what’s your favorite bowl/burrito combination?



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Getting over… the flu?

Bah, I just got sick! It came out of nowhere too. That’s the downside of being a student. Flus and colds rage around campus like wildfire and if you catch the head, you might also catch the tail, which SUCKS. Probably wouldn’t have happened if I ate raw foods more, but I do the best I can.

Awesome news! I am going back to Cartagena, Colombia again this year, with a nonprofit organization for impoverished children. These kids are SO amazing. They are in such destitute situations, yet they are the some of the bravest, kindest children I’ve ever met. I am currently making a blog about them and the trips. The trip is $1,100 and last year I managed the foot the bill myself, although this year I am trying to hardcore fundraise!

I am also going to update on here while I am in Colombia. It will be absolutely impossible to stay raw or even vegan. Colombians eat meat with every meal, as it is part of the culture. Vegetarianism they have heard of if they’ve come in contact with Americans, but they don’t understand it. Most Colombians wouldn’t even be able to wrap their heads around the idea of veganism. I am, however, going to stay away from milk and cheese. I will eat eggs if I absolutely feel I must. We work in 96 degree and above heat with 100% humidity and we go all day long. If I feel like I am not getting enough to eat in the morning, I will eat eggs. My health will come first in a choice between eating eggs and going hungry in the heat. I am also considering eating fish if it is offered to me. Last year we went to an island on the weekend, and they served freshly caught fish… there was no vegetarian option. It was the best damn fish I ever had, hands down. My goal is to stay 85% vegan and try to eat as much fresh, tropical fruit down there as I can. My god, the mangoes and the avocados! The first time I had these 2 delightful fruits was during last year’s trip to Cartagena. The mangoes were fresh, sweet, juicy… the perfect cure for the heat. And the avocadoes… they are “Hass” avocadoes and they were the size of Florida avocadoes! When I came back to America I wondered why the avocadoes were so small, haha!

On Saturday I will post the link to that blog. Until then!

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