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Chipotle Is One of My Food Groups

I’m quoting one of my friends here for the title. Chipotle was once upon a time a 5-9 times a week venture. It was within walking distance from my dorm. If you’ve ever been to Chipotle, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The food there is divine. I ate meatatarian there and now I eat vegan there. Rice, black beans, double veggies, tomato salsa, tomatillo salsa, and GUACAMOLE, thaswassup.

But it’s an expensive habit, and an unhealthy one. They add tons of salt to everything, rice is basically empty calories, and the portion sizes are huge. So I got inspiration from another blogger [it was a while ago, I’m sorry I cannot remember who you are! =( ] and created my own imitation Chipotle bowl at home, (mostly) raw vegan style.

I started out by throwing salt-free black beans in a pot with paprika, curry powder, fennel seeds, onion, garlic, and chipotle chili powder.

Then I chopped some bell pepper, avocado, and tomato, in that order.

And while the beans were simmering, I threw the leftover avocado on my face! It does wonders for my acne.

This is what my bowl looked like pre-mixing… there’s only 3 spoonfuls of beans in the bowl so this is a mostly raw dish:

And I like to super mix my guacamole into everything. The guac should pervade the entire bowl 😉

Exam tomorrow, so until next time chickadees!

Do you guys like Chipotle? If so, what’s your favorite bowl/burrito combination?



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A New Semester

I am not perfect. I have a very busy schedule and I make $9.70 an hour at 30 hours a week to pay all my bills. I am behind in my schoolwork, already. All that being said, I’ve been getting away from raw (again) although this time I have stayed vegan, which I commend myself on. Time to get back on track.

I downloaded Dr. Graham’s book (illegally, sorry Dr. Graham, I am but a poor student) and it was eye-opening, just like Viktoria Boutenko’s book. As soon as I get back on track with just being raw, I am going to start monitoring my daily intake of fat. I don’t aim to get it as low as 5-7%. Maybe I will in the future, who knows. But right now, after I am 95% raw again, my goal is to get my fat intake down to 20%, if it isn’t already there. I love reading all about raw, whatever legitimate info I can get my hands on. I just started reading Becoming Raw by Davis and Melina and it looks like it is going to have lots of solid information for me.

I made a raw vegan coconut curry for my boyfriend and I (after a year and a half of long distance, he moved here! yay!). It was deliciousss. Definitely not 8-1-1, haha! I did not have actual coconut meat so it took 30 minutes and some persuading of my blender to get the coconut butter (which is mostly oil) to mix with water. I roughly went by Sarma’s coconut curry recipe in her second book, but I always get a little creative with the gurus’ creations ;).

Carrot, bell pepper, cauliflower rice, onion, mushroom.

Short post after a while of not posting, but I am off to watch 3 stats lectures and study for upcoming exams.

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I am sick right now, and I definitely think this is because I’ve been lazy/busy lately and eating a lot of cooked food. It’s really hard when you work somewhere that serves food/drinks and you have to be there at 5/6 A.M., 25-30 hours a week, on top of school full time, to have a really crazy diet, and to not eat the food that’s there. I have tons of fruit in my fridge but I find that fruit doesn’t sustain me at work like fat does. I’ve read a lot of places that you should start out with fruit in the beginning of the day and gradually progress to fat and veggies… but obviously that isn’t working for me. I’ve always started my day with a hearty breakfast and I think that will enable me to stick to raw better than if I have to eat tons of fruit. Plus, I don’t feel good if I eat a lot in one sitting =p. I have a small body and I feel bloated and yecchh.

So! I’m devoting a couple of hours tomorrow to setting up food and/or recipes that will be ready-to-eat when I need them through Wednesday or so. I finally got nutritional yeast so I’m going to try the egg substitute recipe in Matthew Kenney’s book, Everyday Raw. I also bought collard leaves so wraps are in order for lunch/dinner. Dunno what else though.

Right now, I am eating a collard wrap. I used the leftover pulp from my cashew milk to make a spicy/garlic tomato paste and put bell peppers (my favorite!), and a cherry tomato, chopped.

Dinner tonight!

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Stressed Out

I just barely made the cut for the $1600 I owe for the double deposit/first month’s rent on my studio, hence the title of stressed out. But I have been doing well with eating raw. I have been drinking juice from Naked and Bolthouse Farms in the morning for breakfast. They are ‘gently pasteurized,’ as it says on the bottle, so I’m pretty sure they aren’t raw but the sugars from the fruits in the juice give me my kick start and it makes a quick breakfast. For snacks/meals, I’ve been surviving on Larabars and other raw bars. Bad, I know. =p

I did, however, have a moment of excellence… twice. There is a local organic grocery store/cafe/restaurant 15 minutes away from my parent’s house. They sell onion bread, which I’m pretty sure is THE onion bread (recipe found here), and I bought some. OMG, delicioussssss! I made myself some chipotle mayo from some cashews I had and came up with a recipe that is reminiscent of bruschetta, but doesn’t have basil.

Veggie Bruschetta

I placed the cashew mayo on first, then spinach leaves, tomato, and orange bell pepper. I’m a sandwich-lover and it was an awesome texture/taste combination of bread, creamy, crunchy, and fresh. It was so delicious. And it took five minutes to chop up the veggies and throw them all into plastic baggies the morning of. I took it to work and ate it on my lunch and it filled me up. =)

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