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I am sick right now, and I definitely think this is because I’ve been lazy/busy lately and eating a lot of cooked food. It’s really hard when you work somewhere that serves food/drinks and you have to be there at 5/6 A.M., 25-30 hours a week, on top of school full time, to have a really crazy diet, and to not eat the food that’s there. I have tons of fruit in my fridge but I find that fruit doesn’t sustain me at work like fat does. I’ve read a lot of places that you should start out with fruit in the beginning of the day and gradually progress to fat and veggies… but obviously that isn’t working for me. I’ve always started my day with a hearty breakfast and I think that will enable me to stick to raw better than if I have to eat tons of fruit. Plus, I don’t feel good if I eat a lot in one sitting =p. I have a small body and I feel bloated and yecchh.

So! I’m devoting a couple of hours tomorrow to setting up food and/or recipes that will be ready-to-eat when I need them through Wednesday or so. I finally got nutritional yeast so I’m going to try the egg substitute recipe in Matthew Kenney’s book, Everyday Raw. I also bought collard leaves so wraps are in order for lunch/dinner. Dunno what else though.

Right now, I am eating a collard wrap. I used the leftover pulp from my cashew milk to make a spicy/garlic tomato paste and put bell peppers (my favorite!), and a cherry tomato, chopped.

Dinner tonight!


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