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Good Eats!

Today has been an amazing day off so far! I woke up to fresh OJ that my boyfriend made for me… SO delicious! It’s what I most look forward to on my days off… if I had to choose between a dehydrator or a juicer I would def go with the juicer. As much as I love comfort foods, I love the way juices make me feel, even if I am drinking non-raw juices from Naked or Bolthouse Farms. I forgot to take a picture of the OJ because I had just woke up, but it’s thick and it has FROTH on top! I love froth! I work at a certain corporate coffee shop that taught me to make and LoVe excellent milk foam (now I would say “Bleh!” on the milk), so froth/foam on top of my orange juice makes it ten times better.

After the OJ, we watched an episode of Dexter (I’m obsessed) and then went to my boyfriend’s place (I don’t have a stove) to make vegan buckwheat pancakes with bananas and his grandma’s homemade blueberry jam. If you are just starting out into veganism, and have somehow stumbled across my blog, flaxseed powder/ground flaxseed are a super health egg replacement for your recipes.

My boyfriend slicing the nanners.

Sadly, did not capture a picture with the blueberry jam =(


I devoured all mine 😉

For dinner tonight, I’m thinking teriyaki salad and pumpkin ice cream for dessert 😉 More on that later!



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Productive Sunday

Normally, I have Saturdays off and then have to work Sunday, but this week is the opposite. No fresh orange juice today, the boyfriend had to work early this morning =( but here is a picture of how my weekend mornings usually look:

Blended Spanish carmellos (is that how you spell that?) then pushed through a sieve for a thick orange juice with no pulp!

On the bright side, since the boyfriend is off today, I can be productive. So I am off to the grocery store! There’s a little store here called Ward’s that sells only local produce, meats, and cheeses, and they have a large organic selection for great prices. Makes it easy for me to support local farmers without having to schedule going to a farmer’s market around my busy schedule! They also sell everything cheaper than the large chains, which is double awesome!

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